BullocksMuralWhat do broken bones, plaster casts, and newborn babies have in common? Dr. John Bullock, retired orthopedic surgeon to Bangladesh, early in his ministry coined a new term to describe his medical practice at MCH - "orthostetrics"! If there were a contest as to numbers of broken bones treated and babies delivered, I am sure that "bones" would win out but it was always a pleasure for John to deliver one of God's newly created, "fearfully and wonderfully made" beings.

What does retirement mean to you? Sitting around on the patio drinking iced tea while chatting with friends? Playing another round of golf? After 18 years of service in Bangladesh John and Tense retired in 1992 - but that did not mean a life of un-involvement in missions and God's work. They called it "reassignment", not "retirement". When Dr. Viggo Olson fell and broke his hip while coming home from the hospital in 1993, John flew to Bangladesh to do the necessary surgery. John worked on and completed a teaching tool called "Jungle Orthopedics" so that future missionary surgeons would know what was possible to do in a "jungle hospital" setting.

John and Tense came out of retirement to return to Bangladesh no fewer than seven times to give teaching and mentoring to our national orthopedic technicians. These men are an invaluable resource in decreasing the workload of our already overworked surgeon, Steve Kelley. Called "Aunt Tense" by children on the hospital campus, Tense had a wonderful ministry of being grandmother and art mentor to all. Painting, pencil sketch, clay sculpture, paper-mâché - one never knew what works of art would emerge from Tense's art workshops and art classes.

Most recently John and Tense squeezed six months out of their busy "reassignment" so they could invest more time and teaching into our orthopedic technicians and expatriate children. They left behind a work of art that illustrates their love for the Bangladeshi people. This mural fills a wall in the outdoor hallway just outside of the main patient wards and on the way to the employee canteen. Employees, patients, visitors - all are blessed by Tense's artwork. We wanted to share that same mural with you, our faithful prayer warriors and donors.