Paralyzed Mru man


Mru man with walkerBack in April, 2011, a Mru man in his early 20s had fallen from a tree and was completely paralyzed from the waist down following a lumbar fracture. Mrus primarily survive through hunting and farming. They also live in remote hilly areas and their homes are built up on stilts. I think you can get the picture that it is not a wheelchair-friendly life style.

After a five-week admission we discharged him, but he was still unable to stand on his own though he could wiggle his feet and had some sensation. Well, he showed up on my carport walking with a walker. What a blessing to see his improved mobility! He still has a lot of foot drop on the left so I am not sure he will ever be able to walk without an assistive device, but he is a far cry from being paralyzed. Praise the One who can make the lame to walk.