A Story to Tell


AV RecordingsHealth and Hope Productions, a.k.a. AOB’s media production project, is all about storytelling – storytelling with purpose, action, music, sight, and sound. Excellent equipment has an important impact on how well the story is delivered. In the picture here, Taposh Biswas is displaying the easily portable MP3 audio players. This past month, the story of Luke in the Mru language has been proofread and recorded. The completed project is now being distributed to Mru villages in the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

Through your generosity we should also have the funds to help another tribe with a primarily illiterate population. The Tripuras have village churches with few literate pastors or leaders. Tripuras have a good New Testament translation already, so Christian leaders have requested that AV record worship songs and Scripture readings. Then the men will quickly distribute the players.

Thank you for catching the vision and giving so generously.  These MP3 players (with batteries included) total only $25 each.  Contact the MCH Medical Director, Dr. Steve Kelley, about partnering in this project.