Chakma Clinic and Midwife Training


Chakma LadiesChakma HomeDr. Heather Fowler and nurse Nancie Dellaganna recently led a team to the village of Langadu, in the Rangamati region of Bangladesh. 200 Chakma patients stood patiently in line outside of a bamboo schoolhouse for their turn to receive treatment. Fortunately the clouds held off their usual torrential downpour of monsoon rains.

In another room, more than 80 midwives crammed in to receive training in midwifery skills. These Chakma and Bengali Muslim TBAs (Traditional Birth Attendants) are mostly illiterate and have gotten their previous "training" from another illiterate woman. God used teaching on the miracle of conception and fetal development to open these ladies' minds and eyes to the grandeur of God's creative work. Most of them supposed it was perfectly acceptable to abort a baby up until 4 or even 5 months in the womb. Now they have information to ponder regarding the preciousness of life created by a loving God.