Physical Therapy Department


Child Physical TherapyAdult Physical TherapyDo you have lower back pain - or a healing broken limb - or cerebral palsy - or pneumonia - or a burn? Have you recently had surgery? Has a snake bitten you? Physical Therapy can help you. Virtually all of Memorial Christian Hospital’s departments rely on the physical therapy team, says supervisor Tuhin Sardar. There is literally no “average day” in this department, though their goal is always the same... to help hurting people. With that in mind and with ready hands, the action team - three men and one woman - arrives each morning ready to care for whomever the doctors send their way.

Tuhin says their greatest joy is the freedom of their job: freedom to evaluate each need and do whatever they deem necessary to help. When they dream of better facilities for their patients, they think about a bigger room, walking areas for patients, and a fitness center. Patients have physical and emotional needs. The PT team is doing their best, yet they pray that God will provide their department’s needs. “We’re channeling God’s grace,” they say.