Nursing Students Learn and Thrive


MCCHS ClassCrowds of young adults stride toward Memorial Christian College of Health Sciences each day. The same men and women, in white jackets, surge from the building to head to the hospital or into outlying villages. What are they doing these days, I wondered.

This week I peeked in to ask the nursing students. English conversation class was soon to begin, but the teacher had not yet arrived. Even so, the students were ready. Some read textbooks. Others talked quietly in small groups.

I greeted all and asked the basic questions we’re all wondering:
Q: How long is this nursing program?
A: We’ll be studying a total of 3 years. One year and a month is done.

Q: What’s your favorite class so far?
A: A number of students have enjoyed Anatomy and Physiology best. One woman was fascinated with the muscular system, another Nutrition. Many said their practicals in the hospital, interacting with patients, has been the highlight. Some have most enjoyed community surveys and distribution of vitamins.

Q: And what has been your hardest experience so far.
A: Almost unanimously, the class shouted, “Pharmacology!” Groans, grimaces, and sheepish chuckles accompanied the word.

Village ClinicQ: So having studied nursing for a full year now, what would you say nursing is all about?
A: Everyone leaned forward. One spokesman for the group said nursing is serving others in their need. All nodded. Another said nurses ensure that the patients are not harmed. Another explained, “We’ll offer security for the patients.” And another concluded, “Nursing is good science and good relationships. We’re learning the best ways to really love those people.”