Author Explains Her New Book


Harold & Shawne EbersoleShawne Ebersole has worked with AOB in Bangladesh for 24 years now. She and her husband and 2 sons love the land, the food, and the people here. For years, Shawne has taught children and women, and has enjoyed visiting in homes and learning from the people here. Recently she’s become more involved in book production.

Q: What is the name of your new book?
A: The book is called What’s God Actually Like? We’ve all wondered, right?

Q: And what drew you to write this?
A: Remember the little saying, “To know me is to love me”? Well, we have to know God to love Him. We have to know God to trust Him. And that’s just what Bangladeshi children need. They need to know Him and to trust Him.

Q: Meanwhile God is so big and indescribable and… invisible! How do you explain God?
A: In the Bible, He relates Himself to things we do see and understand. He defines Himself as things Bangladeshi children interact with each day. And that gets us thinking: Why did He call Himself that? I asked myself, what do Bangladeshi children feel when they think about, say, a storm-shelter?

"What is God Like?" CoverQ: Why do you say that Bangladeshi children need to trust God?
A: From infancy, children here are trained to trust no one, not even relatives. So that they’ll not become gullible or stupid, adults train children by tricking them, lying to them, and then laughing at them for not being clever enough or alert enough to realize it. Soon children suspect tricks or question people’s words. They are no longer gullible. They no longer trust others. Yet the Bible says, “God is not a man, that He should lie…” He can be trusted - and must be trusted!

Q: Can you whet our appetites to read this new book? What are some of the word pictures you’ve selected?
A: So many biblical analogies fit the Bangladesh scene: He tells us that He is like a shepherd, or a farmer, like winter rains, or summer shade.

Q: How will Literature Division be marketing this new book? It comes out this spring, correct?
A: Already our family practice doctors at MCH are looking forward to giving this book to children who come to our hospital. After all, God tells us He’s a great Doctor!