Cultural Research: We Learn to be Event-Oriented


Dark Storm CloudsA ferocious lightning storm hit our community just an hour before church was to begin.  Thunder shook the house.  No way would we walk to church during this dangerous deluge.  When the storm finally passed, we sauntered over.  We arrived at the church building along with crowds of others; the church bells pealed letting everyone know that now was the time to begin (an hour late).  We slipped off our sandals and entered the sanctuary.  What?!  An American, newly arrived in Bangladesh, already sat inside.  He grinned sheepishly at everyone that entered; we gawked at him and his wet clothes.  We had forgotten to tell him that Bengalis are not time-oriented people; they’re event-oriented.  And we old-timers adapted to Bangladesh thinking without even realizing it.  I guess our kind Father gives us the freedom to adapt – to the culture.