Ode to a TikTiki


Two of our AOB kids penned this tribute to their favorite in-house lizard, the gecko (called “TikTiki” in the Bangla language because that is its call). I can hear one calling from the living room even as I type this…

House Gecko (TikTiki)“Ode to a TikTiki”

by Caleb and Luke

Oh, TikTikTiki
With skin gray as clouds,
You’re the hero of mankind
Though not all would admit it.
You save our lives, gulping pests down
Like there’s no tomorrow.
Your wiggling tail intrigues us
When it falls off in our hands.
Your cute, little eggs are so delicate,
Yet they hold future heroes.
We’re so sorry for your friends and relatives
Which are zapped in our electric sockets,
Or are gobbled by eager cats.
“The world has known great heroes”
but none have munched mosquitoes.
We thank you.