Literation Division Trained to Use Gifts


SwapanAOB’s Literature Division has set the goal of staff professional training this year. Each member – board chair, manager, editor, formatter, marketer and accountant - has been enriched with courses and seminars to help them on the job. The whole team has met for on-going seminars with Tim Weldy, a Christian businessman, entrepreneur and hospital administrator. Through the spring months, he focused the Literature team on vision-casting, team-building and on operating as both a business and a ministry. This month he taught on spiritual gifts within a team. Tim explains it:

BarnaIt was a real privilege to meet with the team from the literature division again. We started the morning session by doing a spiritual gifts questionnaire/inventory. We then talked about the attributes of each spiritual gift. The afternoon session built on the morning session. We started by playing a game where we had the staff tell each other about the abilities they have witnessed in each other due to their God-given spiritual gifts. The rest of the session was spent on empowering every person to use the gifts God has given them for the benefit of the business, especially in the area of sales and marketing. There was special emphasis spent on the value of establishing relationships to create a residual effect with regards to sales.

Thanks, Tim. What a helpful way to encourage us to be grateful for every teammate! Each person is God’s gift to us, and all gifts are expressions of God’s love to us and through us. We are eager to use these insights in the days and years ahead.