Partnering in Training Nursing Students


MCCHS Bandaging PracticeClinicOne of the more exciting opportunities in South Asia is that of training young people. At our hospital in South Asia, we have trained a variety of health care workers over the years. In 2011, we began our first class of nursing students.

Since a number of these young people attended primary school on our property, we have had the joy of seeing them grow and learn over a number of years. In addition to all of the medical and nursing classes, the students are encouraged to attend an English class taught by a hospital administrative employee. In response to his teaching and encouragement, several students recently attended youth camp. Of course, the students are also challenged to apply their studies in their practicals on the hospital wards.

Put in all together: These future nurses have been involved in AOB’s Formal Education, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Memorial Christian Hospital, Memorial Christian College of Health Sciences and Community Development projects. We are certainly blessed that a number of ministries can work together to accomplish the task!