Make a Difference!


Rum Clim MroLike kids around the world, whenever 9-year-old Rum Clum Mro gets a chance, he plays soccer. Unlike many kids, however, Rum Clum has never known indoor plumbing or electricity. His village is on a forested hillside in Bangladesh’s Chittagong Hill Tracts. His home and all the neighbors’ homes are made on bamboo pillars, with bamboo walls and floors, and a leaf-covered roof. The 2-room house has no furniture, so they use a hand-woven blanket for bedding. Their mother cooks over an open fireplace. Rum Clum and his 6 brothers and sisters live on the rice and vegetables their parents grow. The kids help by selling as much produce as possible in the bazaar. In recent years, however, their fields haven’t produced as much, and then there have been land-slides and rat infestations and pig attacks. On a good month, their family may earn US$35. As you can imagine, the kids suffer because they cannot afford food, clothing, or school.

We can make a difference in Rum Clum’s life - and in the lives of hundreds of other kids like him. AOB is looking for child sponsors for 300 children for the coming year. For $35/month, your help will meet a kid’s physical needs, providing nutritious meals, medical assistance, and a full education. Through it all he/she will experience God’s love at the childcare center.

Contact our partner, AMG, to sponsor children of Bangladesh. Mention the tribal children in your request.