MCH Fights One of the World’s Biggest Killers


Diabetes is the global health challenge of the 21st century - and it is now hitting Bangladesh. Type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes are increasing country-wide at an alarming rate. Here in Bangladesh, 5.7 million people suffer from this, though over 50% of the population has no idea what diabetes is.

Physical Therapy PatientUnfortunately, in Bangladesh economic growth and prosperity has historically led to inactive lifestyle, high fat and protein diet and weight gain. No longer financially poor, many people are choosing an inappropriate lifestyle, which is the culprit of the majority of new cases.

On multiple fronts, Memorial Christian Hospital is fighting the deadly consequences of diabetes and is fighting for those affected by it. Wanting to end unawareness, Health and Hope Productions partnered with our hospital staff to make an informative DVD. MCH is showing it in our waiting rooms and on the wards, realizing that sharing diabetes facts can help prevent future type 2 diabetes. Community Health Workers teach villagers how diabetes can be prevented. MCH’s doctors are treating patients through diet control, exercise regimes and monitoring blood sugar. MCH’s physical therapy department also trains patients for a healthy lifestyle and increased physical activity.

Working together, our MCH team wants to lower the risk of heart disease, strokes, and other problems caused by diabetes. Fighting diabetes is just one way that AOB is fulfilling our two major goals: 1) To provide quality, compassionate medical care and training for the people of southern Bangladesh, and 2) To assist in the physical, spiritual, social and educational development of the people of Bangladesh.

The fight is on!