Health and Hope


Studio EditingI walk into Health-and-Hope Productions, AOB’s media production studio. Our media technician, Taposh Biswas, is staring at the large computer screen, matching appropriate photos with a script for a new health video, especially for children. Soon he plans to go out with his camera to take a few last, needed shots.

“Children and parents alike are certainly going to enjoy this up-coming film,” I tell him.

Taposh laughs, “This is a favorite part of my job: creating videos.” He tells me he’s worked in audio-visual production for 25 years now. Initially, he studied for two full years, working side-by-side with a university professor in this field. He has, in turn, trained four men; now Singrao Mro is interning under Taposh and doing well.

Ready with Video Equipment“I can’t begin to tell you how many videos I’ve put together, but I’ve made a lot. With my films, I tell stories,” Taposh explains, “and in these pictures and stories, I teach. I relay truth. It’s a powerful medium.”

We all agree. The Bangladesh government requests four health videos annually. These are shown on Memorial Christian Hospital’s wards and in waiting rooms; they are also shown country-wide on television. This department is called Health-and-Hope for good reason!