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Library MapLibraries are essential community centers in many countries, but libraries virtually don’t exist in Bangladesh. Or at least, they didn’t exist. All that is now changing! Literature Division is partnering with Compassion International Bangladesh to transform communities and transform the nation! Using Literature Division’s rich variety of high-quality, low-cost books, Compassion International is outfitting libraries for each of the 120 Compassion centers here. That will directly affect 25,000 families.

Library PackagesAOB’s Literature team has worked hard, preparing, packing, and shipping large boxes across the country. We look forward to helping those libraries - and communities - grow in the years ahead.
Each library will have fiction and non-fiction literature for all ages, plus self-help books for students, parents, teachers, and community leaders. Topics deal with physical, educational, social, and spiritual needs. Now any community member can stop in at a Compassion project and learn about how disease spreads or how to lovingly discipline your child. No doubt, when you stop in you’ll see lots of eager children reading. As Compassion’s national director said, We want to “provide a literate population to this nation.” We know too that truth sets us free.