Showcasing Rickshaws


Manufacturing a RickshawAOB’s “Heart House Handicrafts” hires and trains widowed women and physically disabled people in a wide variety of handicrafts, and then markets their unique work. A number of women design and create dolls that show traditional life in Bangladesh. This season, our doll-makers, tailors, and wood-carvers partnered to develop and showcase rickshaws. After all, did you know that Bangladesh’s capital city of Dhaka is called the “Rickshaw Capital of the World”?



Rickshaw with DollsDon’t be misinformed though: This means of local transportation is certainly not limited to the cities. Since rickshaws are small, they can weave through congested roads, or can travel down narrow country paths. Rickshaws of Bangladesh are 3-wheeled bicycles, designed to carry passengers and shade them from sun or rain. Since they’re human-powered, these beautifully painted and decorated “for-hire” vehicles provide employment for countless men across the country. Now at Heart House, we celebrate the rickshaw’s service to us all.

Check out the team’s intricate artwork and design!