English as a Foreign Language, Bangla as a Second Language


Nancy and LovelyWhen Nancy DeJong is asked what she does, she answers, “I learn and I teach.” When she is not preparing and teaching her wide variety of English-language classes, she studies the Bangla language. Her language-study is a real boon to her students, because she knows what a language learner feels like. Her experience in teaching is a real boon to fellow Bangla-students too, because she can advise them in being pro-active learners.

Having studied foreign languages in different countries, Nancy empathizes with all language-students. She encourages them to accept their mistakes, laugh together, learn together, review past lessons, and develop conversational skills. “It helps my students to realize that we all make mistakes; that’s a natural part of learning. Right attitude - accepting those mistakes as part of the process - goes a long way toward success.” Together she and her students celebrate accomplishments.

Nancy keeps her TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) classes fun. Her students use all 5 of their senses - sight, sound, touch, and even smell and taste. They may dramatize common events, play games, or draw pictures to review vocabulary. Recording each lesson’s vocabulary enables them to review and correct pronunciation. Nancy is impressed that her Bangladeshi students have a basic understanding of English; they all want to improve.

Nowadays, Nancy is teaching orthopedic and physical therapy technicians, and nursing students. She leads an English club at Memorial Christian High School. She also tutors individuals, meeting their felt needs. Nancy is one of AOB’s team of English teachers. These teachers agree that “he who dares to teach must never cease to learn.”