Human Growth and Development


Have you ever seen a baby over 5 ½ feet tall? We had one in our nursing class recently when one of the students portrayed a newborn baby as part of a presentation. Everyone had a few laughs as he flailed around on his stomach trying to reach for toys. Hopefully, the students gained a visual reminder of how a baby should respond.

The Human Growth and Development class is learning how our Creator made each person to be unique – in God’s image. While students could easily memorize a list of activities each age group can do, they were instead assigned to find children and pictures demonstrating the right activity for a specific age group. Since this is the digital age, the young men used their cell phones to get videos of toddlers in their families. When one said, “He wouldn’t always do what I wanted him to do,” I knew that this young twenty-something gained some insight for the future!

Male NursesOne wife and mother in the class chose to sing a song about nutrition in the local Chittagonian dialect! Another group decided to give a free vitamin to every student during their teaching on vitamin sources.
The students used pictures, posters, music, and drama to teach their fellow classmates. Was all this fun and entertaining? Absolutely! More important, the students gained ability to share their new found teaching with moms and dads. Most important, they saw many reminders of the truth of Psalm 139:6.