Interview with Tripura Author


Presenting BookIt is a privilege to partner with Bangladeshi authors in book production! Recently Sottyaram Tripura’s book was dedicated at the Literature Division. Sottyaram entitled his book The Stone that the Masons Rejected, and in it he vividly describes Jesus Christ’s position as the “cornerstone” of Christianity.

Author Sottyaram travels throughout the Chittagong Hill-Tracts as teacher and spiritual leader of the Bangladesh Tribal Association of Baptist Churches. He frequently discusses cultural and spiritual concerns with village leaders. Before the book dedication, we briefly interviewed him:

Q: What other books have you written?

A: This year I also wrote a book about Tripura history and culture. The Bangladesh Cultural Institute is publishing that one, and it will be coming out next month.

Q: Through your talks with village leaders, do you see the need for other topics to be addressed?

A: Every people group loves its own culture and wants to preserve it. That is natural and good. However we Christians must analyze our cultures in light of God’s Word. God makes all things new and beautiful, including each culture. He transforms lives from within. I hope to write a book for Christians about this.

Book DedicationQ: You’re an excellent teacher. What has inspired you to begin writing?

A: In this generation, across Bangladesh and throughout the tribal hill tracts, people are becoming literate. I want to get helpful books into their hands. Unlike a teacher who comes and goes, a book remains with the person and endures. It does not become sick or tired. A book can be read and re-read and then shared with others.

We at Literature Division also want books to be read and shared! Buy copies of Sottyaram Tripura’s best-seller for yourself and your friends!