Power to Do What is Needed


MCH 11 kV LineMCH has been struggling for the past couple years with our two aging generators limping along. Generators are meant to be a "back-up" source of power, but our generators run for 16-18 hours per day - every day! A special power line runs by our property and services the military cantonment several miles up the road. We have been seeking permission to tap into the line so that we could have better power supply. How much better? It would keep us on the electrical grid for about 18 hours a day. Our surgeon, Dr. Steve Kelley, recently had a positive meeting with the chairman of the Rural Electrification Board in Dhaka regarding permission to connect to a new electric line from the army post 3 miles north of our hospital. Soon after, we learned that a critical meeting would be taking place regarding the installation of this new electric line, and we dispatched our Bangladeshi administrator to represent the hospital at the meeting. That meeting subsequently produced the long-awaited permission letter and cost-estimate to connect to the preferred high-voltage line. Wow! Furthermore, if we produced the money we could work on this connection. An MCH check was delivered to the power board the next morning. Thank you, Lord!