Youth Rally


Friends at the RallyI knew something significant was up, when the young camp director led us teachers in morning devotions.

“God has given us the gift of teaching,” he said with an eager sparkle in his wrinkle-free eyes. “He’s sending us out – He’s sending us. Our message is good news, relationship with our Creator, Life with Him forever. Our goal is His glory!” His thoughts were fresh, newly discovered and relished. I scribbled notes and looked up with delight. A number of teachers at camp were in their 20s. During tea times, they recounted stories of their camp days, fun times and lessons learned. They told of God’s work in their lives. Now they’re leading; they’re developing programs. Camp was so fun! The game times were great too.

The next generation knows God’s worth; students and young adults are surging into ministry. The future is now. Young women are directing schools in local churches around us. A college-aged friend sloshed through the rain just to tell me about the 5-day club she led, complete with songs, games, memory work, and crafts. Another young woman is arranging an outreach for our ladies’ class: ladies blessing ladies. My husband, umbrella in hand, meets with the young leaders talking through their vision and hopes. The director of our medical college tells us of in-depth discussions she’s had with her young team: They share great ideas, and they urge wise changes.

Sharing TeaYoung American adults are joining us as well. One couple interned in the audio-visual department. They dream big and want to use photography and media for God’s glory. Another couple, husband-wife doctors, did their residency-rotation at our hospital. They eagerly greeted people in the local language and joined us for a spicy, regional breakfast. Because of video clips they’d seen as teens, they want to serve God in a third-world context. This year, young nurses and teachers have come.

We are thrilled that God is bringing these partners. We are encouraged to press on- together- in this global project. This week, I read Psalm 22. “Posterity will serve Him; future generations will be told about the Lord. They will proclaim His righteousness to a people yet unborn– for He has done it!”

You know it: Every culture savors His glory, every people group delights in His Names, all ages know He loves them, and every generation relishes serving our King.

Submitted by Shawne Ebersole