There’s No Such Thing as a Little Typhoid


Tribal lady with basketEvery day, Aboiti and her neighbors walk down the mountain path to the stream, fill numerous hollow gourds with bacteria-laden water, and haul the water up the steep slope to their thirsty families. This seems innocent, albeit hard work. What these women do not realize is that water-borne killers live in that water: cholera, typhoid, hepatitis A, dysentery, and diarrhea. The villagers figure if the water looks clean it is clean.

Tribal House on HillAOB’s Community Health Workers have a lot to show and tell them! They are offering Tarp-and-Barrel workshops. They teach villagers to lay tarp on their thatched roofs and to collect the rain water in barrels during monsoon rains. The water can then be used to feed the village families, to cook and clean with, and to water gardens. “Tarp and Barrel” projects may give the village ladies a break today- but far more than that, tarps and barrels save lives!