Snake Bite!


Rimon BreathingThe mere mention of this phrase makes a doctor or nurse’s heart begin racing! Playing in a field near his home, three-year old Riman was fascinated by a small pile of snake eggs. However, momma cobra objected to his attentions and bit Riman in the left arm no less than three different times! Even one bite can be very dangerous, but three bites? His parents placed a tight tourniquet on his upper arm and though they arranged transportation quickly, it was still a 3-hour boat ride from their out-lying island to the boat landing behind Memorial Christian Hospital.

Rimon with BalloonBy God's grace, it was after arrival at the hospital that Riman's breathing stopped. Intubation quickly happened in order to give artificial respirations, and the family was taught how to squeeze the bag in order to give their son that very vital oxygen. Though swollen and discolored from the effects of both tourniquet and snake bites, the arm was able to be salvaged. By Day 5 Riman began breathing on his own, and by Day 7 he no longer wanted any help. Like a typical 3-year-old, his voice could be heard throughout the ward, "I can do it myself!" Riman and his family went home with broad smiles on their faces. Truly, God is Life-Giver!