One Book at a Time


Little Sarifa lay on her hospital bed at Memorial Christian Hospital, her feet wrapped and lifted high. What was she to do? She couldn’t run and play; her deformed feet were being reconstructed. She couldn’t go to her third grade class; she awaited her next surgery. But oh, Sarifa loves to read.

A stranger approached her bed with a smile and a little book. Sarifa's eyes widened and she tilted her head to see the colorful cover. And what was the book’s name? Sarifa wondered. She craned her neck some more.

Reading Club“Do you enjoy reading?” the woman asked. “I hope you do, because I would enjoy reading with you.” That morning, their reading club began. Each morning thereafter, once the doctors and physical therapists had completed their work with Sarifa, the smiling woman brought their special book. Sarifa pulled herself to the side of her bed where the smiling woman sat. Heads together, they’d look at the next chapter’s picture and guess the storyline. And Sarifa read. Though only a third-grader, she read loudly with expression and joy. Her mother, sitting on the other side of her bed, nodded proudly. Other women on the female ward -one in a wheelchair, one or two with walkers, another pulling her IV pole, and other companions- came close to hear the story.

“Oh, please, please, can we read more?” Sarifa begged at the end of each chapter. The smiling teacher hugged Sarifa close.

“Only one chapter a day, dear Sarifa “, she’d answer. “But I’ll return tomorrow; we’ll read more.”

When Sarifa finally went home from the hospital, she held her own copy of that little book with an unread sequel in her bag. She waved that book at the woman who had read with her.

“I’ll read this to my brothers and sisters,” she promised. “I’ll read it to my friends. Maybe I should start a school in my house.” Her eyes sparkled at the thought. And her reading-friend’s eyes watered as she hugged her little reading partner one more time.

Books change lives. YOU have changed lives with your participation in Literature Division’s book productions.
This past year, Literature Division in Bangladesh has published a wide variety of life-changing books, for people of all ages. Some have been translated; others were written by national authors.

We have exciting plans for the new year. Help us reach our goals. Join us in changing the world, one book at a time! 

Reading PartnersHere’s how YOU can participate:

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