College of Health Sciences celebrates Student Graduation

2009 GraduatesIn November 2009, 22 medics, community health workers, and lab technicians graduated from Memorial Christian College of Health Sciences, well prepared to heal and help the people of Bangladesh.
Students from numerous districts of Bangladesh studied intense medical courses ranging from pharmacology to histology to human anatomy. Throughout the past 3 years (in hours of classes!), they studied and practiced medicine under the wise tutelage of 18 teachers and supervisors at Memorial Christian Hospital. They visited many area villages and there taught preventative medicine. They produced 4 health videos to be shown regularly on hospital wards. The graduates eagerly anticipate serving the people of Bangladesh in the years ahead.
The founder of MCCHS and a beloved, retired doctor both flew back from America to speak at the graduation ceremony. Each graduate was congratulated for passing difficult exams. They were challenged to boldly face life’s “exams”: to love people, serve people, and trust God for needed perseverance and protection.    At the end of the ceremony, graduates were presented with practical gifts such as a stethoscope. Afterwards, family members and friends interacted with graduates, doctors, and teachers in the medical college building.
Congratulations, graduates!

 2009 Graduation Speech2009 Graduation Audience