Students Enjoy Computer Classes at MCS


7th Grade Computer TextbookBangladesh is termed a “third-world country”, yet it certainly has entered the 21st century as has the rest of the world. Though fishermen here still cast nets like fishermen of old, modern tractors now plow rice fields. And though rickshaws are still a popular mode of transportation, most rickshaw drivers carry mobile-phones in their pockets.

So too, in school Bangladeshi students study computer sciences. Using government textbooks, Memorial Christian School now encourages eager children to discover internet capabilities and try their hands at information technology. Students locate their exam scores on-line, discover Bangladesh maps and GPS, practice English conversation on-line, and learn to use the newest Bangla font, Avro, for word processing.

Memorial Christian School now has its own website and Facebook page which many students “like”. Of course, even as our computer teacher unveils new tools, she stresses the importance of face-to-face relationships and the essentiality of wisdom in computer use. King David once prayed (and we urge our students to repeat), “My eyes are fixed on You.”