Media Production Makes the Message Clear


Actors“The medium is the message,” declared Marshall McLuhan.

We may share the facts using a simple phrase. We may pass on info through countless debates. Researchers and teachers alike tell us that the method has as much impact as (or more than) the content. After all is said and done, will we remember it? Will we apply it?

AOB’s Media team, Health and Hope Productions, partners with professional actors to teach us vitally important health principles through lively stories. Recently they produced a gripping health video called “Dangerous Massage.” As we watch the film we hurt for the boy with the broken arm. We wince when the village doctor uses his specialty oils. We pull back when he massages the screaming boy’s arm. We sympathize with the troubled father as he comes to the hospital for X-rays. We sigh as he discovers the damage that the massage had done. Finally, we adamantly agree with the doctor and the boy... Go to the hospital first! Don’t do dangerous massage!

AV TeamMedia Production’s newest health video is about strokes. The story is better than any TV serial. When an overweight father collapses to the floor, his worried family fears that spirits or a jin has done the harm. They try to help, but they have a lot to learn! So do we. And watching their attention-grabbing story, we all learn about strokes in the process. We won’t tell you the end of this drama. Stop by Memorial Christian Hospital to see it for yourself. You’ll love the media for this message.

Thanks, “Health and Hope”!