Wild About Books!


Reader“People are wild about books!” says Literature Division’s salesman, Jewel Talukder. He tells stories that seem similar to Jesus’ miracles in the Bible.

Remember when Jesus told his disciples to cast their fishing net into the sea? The astounding results were hundreds of thrashing fish. What a catch! Jesus had clearly shown His authority and power, His wisdom and provision. No wonder the fishermen gladly followed Him!

In the same way, Jesus directed our salesman to a pastors’ conference nearby. “Cast your net!” Jesus said. Jewel filled 4 long tables with Literature Division’s valuable books, hung his sign, and waited. It seemed he has “let down the nets.”

After the meetings, men crowded around the tables, picking up books and asking for more. One experienced pastor pointed out his favorites to young preacher-boys. Old pastors approached and assured Jewel that they were praying for Literature Division. Jewel’s hands couldn’t package the books quickly enough. Others stepped behind the tables to help.

Literature Division knows that most Bangladeshis don’t have extra money. For that reason, we seek grants and donations; and we then sell all books at production cost. Most Literature Division books cost US $1.00 - $2.00. Even so, many pastors didn’t have enough money; one pastor only had money for a taxi ride home, so friends emptied their pockets to help him purchase the helpful Unger’s Bible Handbook.

In the first hour of sales, men bought more than a hundred books; and in the first day alone, Jewel sold 130,000 Taka of books (That’s more than a thousand books!). Jewel was astounded, as had been those original disciples. Such a large number of “fish”! Such is our Provider God.

As did the fishermen, so Jewel fell at Jesus’ knees. “Lead me,” he says. “I’ll go wherever You direct.”
And if Jewel and his team come your way, run on over to his tables. The bait is tasty indeed!