Good House


Practicing Bangla at TeaGod has brought us expatriates to Bangladesh, and our first 1 ½-2 years here is primarily studying language and culture. Even as we parse verbs and stumble through conversations with neighbors, we know that God is continuing the good work that He has begun - in and through us. He's opening our ears and eyes to many cultural nuances. We have so much to learn from Bangladeshis! He is enabling us to progress in our Bangla language abilities. He's giving strength for each day, despite the heat, the rain, and the daily surprises. He's with us in it all.


In Language Class

Many times we've heard that God speaks to our hearts most powerfully in our mother-tongue. Yet God speaks to my heart in Bangla, too. This past weekend I went to church, and the preacher spoke on love. He defined love as “Bhalo basa” (Bhalobasa is the Bangla word for “love”; but when divided into syllables, it’s 2 Bangla words- for “good house”): Love is a good house! A house with security, safety, provision, comfort, gentle training… God loves us, and gives us all that we long for in love. God invites us into His love- into His good house. I couldn’t stop grinning the rest of that service and then some.

I want to rest in His bhalo basa this coming week, yes, even as I study Bangla.