Partnering in Child Development


Local LeadersIn the final game of this past World Cup, Germany’s soccer team won the championship. The world was impressed. Though other teams boast remarkable star-players, every one of Germany’s players is excellent. What a team they are! Of course, Bangladeshis, young and old, watched the games and still discuss the details.

Recently AOB’s Community-and-Child-Development team met with some local leaders. Yes, they discussed soccer first, but they also discussed ways to help community children develop their gifts. All members are important to their community. Each member has unique abilities and a specific way to serve others.

Camp MeetingCamp director Nipul Kanti De asked them for advice on current concerns. The men suggested timely topics for upcoming seminars, camps, debates, and discussions. AOB Child-Development supervisor Bob Archibald asked how campers can become actively involved in their communities.  The leaders shared stories, ideas, and insights on practically using their interests and abilities.

Like any exciting soccer game, the discussion ended with sound pats on the back, words of appreciation, and promise of more to come.

posted August, 2014