High Hopes


View from SouthAs Memorial Christian Hospital continues our daily care of patients in our old, undersized facility, crowds of steely construction workers are building for better days. MCH’s renewal project has high hopes. These two 4-floor wings will welcome many patients in the years ahead.

Last week, work on the third floor slab was completed with a big push to make up for lost time during the monsoon rains. Officially we are now out of the monsoon season, so hopefully the frequency and intensity of rains will diminish as we get into the fall season.

The fourth floor slab, completed this past weekend, brought the project up to a grand total of 70,000 square feet of floor area done. One more slab remains above for the ceiling of this wing.

Initial interior work starting in the basement will begin soon (brick walls/plaster/conduit/etc.).

Posted August 26, 2014