Rifa Restored


Rifa MoniA little girl Rifa Moni was added to our wards, 9 years old and had been dragged by a battery powered vehicle for many yards, resulting in a battered head and mangled body. She was in a coma for a week. So it was with great joy when I went back to work Sunday morning after another long weekend on call to see her eyes half open and that she was talking on the telephone.



It turns out that her aunt who is staying with her in the hospital had to ask this little girl (fresh out of a coma) for her father's phone number. Let’s just say the kid is still quite sharp and a joy to be around. Once again, pray for the spiritual as well as the physical ministry to Rifa Moni and her family. She had her first skin graft this past week and still has a long way to go with her head injury.

Rifa Moni heading home


After about a month, Rifa Moni got well enough to go home even though she still has a large gap in her scalp that will eventually require a graft or a flap to cover. We had no gowns to cover her properly and the scalp wound was bothering her so I outfitted her with a Cedarville shirt and my surgical cap for her journey home. Here are some before and after pictures. Praise God!

Submitted by Dr. Fowler