I’ve Seen Jesus!


Jesus Film PreparationOften called “The Jesus Film”, “Jesus” is a gripping movie that depicts Jesus Christ’s life. It’s biblically accurate, based on Luke’s Gospel. Actually a team of 500 scholars and leaders from secular and Christian organizations researched historical elements for the film. Then in 1979, filming took place throughout the Middle East.

According to The New York Times, Jesus is probably the most-watched movie ever. The Jesus Film Project says that Jesus has been viewed billions of times.

The original movie assumed that viewers would understand the historical context of Jesus’ life; however, many questions arose. So in 2001, a new opening sequence was released showing how Jesus' life fits into the span of history. It depicts humans’ creation, their disobedience, Abraham's aborted sacrifice of his son, and Isaiah’s prophecies.

In 2007, The Jesus Film Project celebrated the release of the 1,000th translation. Their continued work assures the film's status as the world's most translated film. It has been translated into over 1,220 different languages and dialects. New languages are being added every month.

Translation WorkAnd that’s where AOB’s Media Production enters the picture. We’re offering our excellent equipment and experience for two more translation teams. Prayer teams are committed to supporting the translators as they progress. The work is more challenging than most translation projects; lip-synching requires the teams to translate according to a specific number of syllables while still remaining accurate.

Two language teams have completed their rough drafts which include the riveting, historical, opening sequence. Men and women are proof-reading the work. Our Media men hope to begin recording Jesus in October and release the movies this winter.

You’ll want to see Jesus, too.

Posted September, 2014