Nurse Aides: Hands-on Love


Nurse Aide Welcome“You truly love me,” the patient held the nurse aide’s hand and looked up into her eyes. “You take such good care of me.”

Assess, analyze, plan, implement, evaluate. It doesn’t sound all that “warm and fuzzy”, does it? Yet MCH’s nurse aides work closely with all patients on our male and female wards. They observe and identify needs, plan appropriate care, do it, and check results. They cycle through that list again and again, until the patient responds well. Taking vital signs is only the beginning of their duties. Lots of alert, wise, loving care is administered. Our MCH patients won’t forget what they’ve seen and received here.

Memorial Christian College of Health Sciences is presently offering its 9-month nurse aide course. Sixteen students, male and female, Bengali and tribal, are studying, discussing how to apply the lessons learned, and then doing it all.

Nurse Aide ClassTeachers Lisa Giesler, Kajali Tripura, and Bimol Mollick – train and supervise the students. Sister Lisa has updated the curriculum and draws the students to share observations from their own culture and village experiences. Kajali is an experienced nurse aide at MCH. She arrived here 20 years ago and was taught by some of MCH’s first nurse-educators. She too can tell vivid stories and give experienced counsel on meeting patient needs. Bimol has worked as a staff nurse at MCH for many years. He brings valuable insight to the class on caring for critical patients and working together as a team.

MCH’s medical staff anticipates many of our nurse aide graduates will join our medical team in the coming year. There are always needs, and the nurse aides work to meet those needs.

Posted October 2014