Sewing Brings Stable Income


Tailoring DepartmentHeart House Handicrafts offers skills, stability, safety, and hope to many needy women. This has been happening for decades now, and we don’t want that to change.

But now major change is happening at Heart House Handicrafts.  We had discovered that very few of the ladies knew how to sew anything except the particular piece of the cultural doll that she had made every day. So we hired teachers to train the ladies that were no longer making dolls, so that they could learn how to sew clothes.

God had opened a door of opportunity for us to provide uniforms and also special-order clothes for local Compassion International programs, but first they wanted to see how the training went. The women have been excited and hardworking. Heart House’s supervisor, Debbie Collins, has been working with them every day to make sure everything is running well. Their progress has been remarkable. We thank God for His grace and provision.

Tailoring CertificateThe women have done so well that Compassion was pleased to give us an order for 263 outfits for their boys and girls. When their tailoring-class was finished, we gave certificates to everyone who took the class. Every one of them was able to sew at least one level higher than they started in only 6 weeks. What a great accomplishment!

But now the real work has begun. Debbie and the ladies are working hard to fill the order of outfits for the children. Please pray that our ladies will continue to grow in their knowledge and abilities. Please also pray for the financial stability of Heart House. It is our fervent hope to see this program continue. Without Heart House Handicrafts these ladies and their families would be without hope.

submitted by Les Collins