Help for the Broken


Sewing MachineImagine deep poverty and desperate need: Did you imagine having no TV or computer and no indoor heating? I’m thinking of a widow woman who is far poorer than that. She had no money, no skills and no education. Most of her neighbors didn’t think she could learn much, so she would go to the jungle each morning, gather twigs, and then sell the firewood to provide for her son. In doing that, she ran the risk of being shot or attacked.

One day in broad daylight, she was captured.  Men put a knife to her throat and tied her to a tree. Broken and bleeding, she dragged herself home.

Heart House Handicrafts’ director, Debbie, heard what had happened to her. Debbie reached out to her even though everyone said, “She will never learn to sew.” But this widow certainly was in need of a job in a safe location. And isn’t “pure religion to care for the widow in her distress?” Debbie listened to her story, cried with her, encouraged her, shared her own testimony, and gave her a chance. Debbie herself had endured tough struggles in her life, and she strongly believes that the Father has brought this woman into her life for a reason. God uses the broken to help the broken.

Quilt StripsGiving her a spot at Heart House Handicrafts, Debbie taught her step-by-step how to sew with a sewing machine. She’s learning to sew quilts. As they initially worked together Debbie noticed that she could not thread the machine and realized she needed glasses. Now wearing new glasses, she is slowly learning the skills needed and has been diligent about her efforts. Even more important has been the transformation in her spirit. She smiles. She has seen God provide through the Heart House Handicrafts program and has hope, more hope than she has had in a long time.