GOD PROVIDES, For the Young and Young-at-Heart


Surgeon and PatientDo you remember the Bible story of Abraham sacrificing his own dear son on an altar? At the last second, the angel of God shouted from heaven, “Abraham, stop!” Then Abraham saw a ram caught in the bushes nearby. God had provided the ram to use as a sacrifice instead of his son. Abraham was so happy. I’m sure his son was thankful too! Abraham renamed that place “The LORD will provide.”

We could also rename Bangladesh “The LORD will provide.” (Count how many synonyms for “provide” are in this paragraph.) God is supplying money for education-centers and needy children, for the hospital and new hospital building. He has sent doctors and nurses to help us; and He has given life to many hospital patients! He has presented us with teachers for this school year and provided other teachers to show us how to act out stories. God also is sharing ideas with His people here - about new camps, new books, new videos, and new gardens.This season He has given protection from roaming elephants, and safety despite country-wide road-blocks. He is making men and women available to lead projects. Our good God is offering us His love, joy, peace, and strength to do His projects each day. And He is handing us opportunities to tell how great He is!

Renewal ProjectThe LORD will provide! That’s a future tense word. We need many things. Who do you think will deliver?

Think about it: How has He provided for you? Tell somebody.