Moral Education - Medical Education


Nurse Aide Training 01It’s early morning. Sunbeams pierce through arching tree branches as our nurse-aide students walk in clusters toward Memorial Christian College of Health Sciences. Our MCCHS teachers love the opportunity to teach these capable Bangladeshi students. Daily the students grow in medical knowledge and ability. Under careful supervision they practice what they’ve been learning. The topics of the day will be the GI system, the circulatory system, and caring for patients during bed-baths. Yet the day begins with moral education. We at MCCHS believe that God speaks truth into the sciences and medicine and everyday life.

Nurse Aide Training 02Teachers and students begin each day discussing mercy and justice, love in practice, sacrifice, and the meaning of medical work. Because God’s “mercies are new every morning”, they can demonstrate mercy on the wards. 

These students then go and care for the patients at Memorial Christian Hospital, smiling with the new mother, comforting a concerned patient, and expressing joy when a critically-ill patient recovers. At MCCHS and at MCH, medical practice involves far more than medical ability. It requires character.

Years ago, Gandhi of India spoke of “deadly social sins”; he included “education without character, science without humanity, worship without sacrifice.” At MCCHS, medical students develop character, and practice sacrificial love. They discover that health care should be an act of worship through service to those in need.

-posted February 2015