Breaking Records with Baby-Births


New BabySeptember 2014, holds the present record for the number of deliveries performed in any given month at Memorial Christian Hospital. During that time two other records were broken as well: the most deliveries in a 24-hour period and then, a week later, the most C-sections done in a 24-hour period. All beds, including the three private rooms, which had double or triple occupancy, were occupied; so the overflow patients were placed on stretchers in the hallway. Makeshift bassinets were made out of cardboard boxes lined with foam and plastic. We’ll end with this understatement: The female nursing staff is very anxious to be utilizing the expanded space in the new hospital!

Each day, three babies on the average join the outside world at MCH. As I walk through our natal-care room, nursing station, and female ward, mothers and grandmothers smile up at me, their tiny babe in arms. We greet each “new guest” with crocheted caps and blankets. One hundred families per month are invited to deliver their newborn in our hospital; we know by much experience that other emergency deliveries may suddenly arrive.