Ruth Yocom Farewell


Ruth with Patient ChartRuth Yocom came to Bangladesh for the first time in 1975. After two years short term, she returned to the States. She continued to work as a nurse and also pursued formal studies in the Bible at a Christian college. God led her back to Bangladesh in 1985. After studying Bengali for two years, she moved to Malumghat to begin her ministry at the hospital.


Throughout the years, Ruth faithfully supervised many departments. They included the Male Ward, Expatriate Health Care, Sweepers, Laundry, Registrars, Linen Stores, Seamstress, and others. Ruth actually supervised the Male Ward for over 20 years. She also has helped to keep her medical colleagues well fed by providing coffee and snacks for us!


Ruth with Single LadiesIn the beginning, Ruth helped teach AWANA at Memorial Baptist when that ministry was just beginning. She only stepped aside when Bangladeshis were able to do it themselves. AWANA Bangladesh recently recognized Ruth for her contributions.


In addition to faithfully and dependably carrying out hospital responsibilities, Ruth continued to actively visit and spend time with Bangladeshi ladies. One dear lady, an employee, lost her adult son. Ruth faithfully took her to tea every week. I know this was an encouragement for this lady.


Ruth's FarewellRuth was always one of these people who just saw a job that needed to be done and did it. We will not know the full extent of all Ruth has been doing until she is not here!


From sharing a house with Ruth for 25 years, I can truthfully say that I do not think she has ever made a decision that was not based on what she felt was good for the team. Personal wishes and inconvenience were never considered. She has been a blessing to us and is already missed.