New Pro-Life, Eye-opening Tools


Life in Womb bookAOB is over-the-top when it comes to rescue maneuvers. That is, we want to rescue girls. Let’s face it: When a pregnancy-ultrasound reveals that the baby is a girl, families often choose to abort their daughter. So AOB’s teams unite anew with each other and with another like-minded organization in goal and efforts.

AOB’s Literature Division worked together with this organization to produce materials on life in the womb, including a teaching flip-chart. One pastor who saw the flip chart showing the stages of the baby’s growth in the womb said he had never seen anything like this before and was eager to share this information with his congregation. One woman, after reading the booklet, decided against having the abortion she had planned to pursue. What is called abortion in other countries is termed “menstrual regulation” here, and the fact that life begins at conception always seems to be a new concept to our paramedic, nursing, and lab students.

Four representatives from our hospital recently attended a “Sanctity of Life” conference in Dhaka and brought back more valuable resources for our hospital social workers and our traveling community health workers to use.

AV ReadingThen AOB’s Health-and-Hope media-production team worked on a pro-life video of life in the womb, from the baby’s perspective. Two of our Memorial Christian Primary School girls recorded their questions, “Why abort girls? Don’t you love your sister, your wife, your auntie, your mother?” We suspect this video will open hearts and minds.

God is already using these eye-opening, heart-deep tools in powerful ways. We expect a refreshing reversal.

-posted August, 2015