Wanted: Dead or Alive!


Gecko PosterWe like (most of) the wildlife here in Malumghat.  There are huge rhinoceros beetles that are harmless, but are like little tanks walking around...  There are small lizards that we call tick-tickis that are everywhere.  There are lots of pretty owls and other birds.  But our favorite, by far, is the elusive tortang.  That's what we call them, anyways.  Their call can be heard in this video (which I didn't create, for the record):

So, it's pretty obvious why we call them tortangs.  But their real name is the tokay gecko.  They grow to be about 14 inches long, but honestly, we've only seen one once.  They make themselves known with their call, but actually spotting one is very tricky.

If you are really into animals, you can click here to read tons more.  But the juicy details on this little guy lie in the mythology behind it.  In 2009, someone somewhere in Asia claimed that it could be used to cure AIDS and H1N1.  The blackmarket dealings shot through the roof.  A study found that the animal was being trafficked for $100-$15,984 per animal, depending on its weight!

It is, in most countries around us, against the law to sell the animal.  Some places, it's against the law to even have one in your possession.  However, when one goes into your house, like it did to our neighbors, you catch it. That's just the way things go.