Children’s Author Explains the Power of Prayer


The Power of Prayer Covenant for KidsIn their newly published book, The Power of the Prayer Covenant for Kids, author Candy Marballi and co-author Stephen Eyre embrace the infinite possibilities of children’s spiritual growth by teaching them to pray, inviting them into the presence of their heavenly Father, and reassuring them of His never-ending love and desire to hear from them daily.

Candy Marballi has led children's ministries for over twenty-five years in the United States, Japan, and the Philippines. Her passion is to help children develop a heart for God, spurring them on to minister to others with their God-given gifts. She serves as director for The Kids' Prayer Covenant ministry and currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

As AOB’s Literature Division prepared to publish The Power of the Prayer Covenant for Kids, Mrs. Marballi kindly corresponded with us about her emphasis on prayer for children.

AOB: When did you begin the children’s prayer ministry?

Marballi: The kids’ ministry is young. It began in 2013. I simply prayed, asking God to show me what He wanted me to teach the children in that Fall quarter. And through a series of subsequent steps, the kids’ prayer covenant came about.

AOB: You wanted to help the children pray. Did you find helpful materials in the process?

Marballi: As a Sunday School teacher and parent, I find there is very little that teaches children to pray. My book is a result of wanting children to understand and enjoy the privilege of prayer.

AOB: So you didn’t plan to write this book?

Marballi: No, but God had the plan. I realize how unpredictable this journey has been.

AOB: How does your book help children experience prayer’s power?

Marballi: The book encourages them to pray in their homes, with their friends, and in churches. It ignites a passion for prayer in their hearts and minds and encourages them to minister to others through prayer. Children can not only be receivers of ministry, but they can also be active in ministry.

AOB: How has your book been received thus far?

Marballi: Actually it won the gold medal in the 2015 Illumination Book Awards contest in the Education category. Publishers - like Literature Division in Bangladesh! - are seeking to produce it internationally. 

AOB: Did you imagine that it would be used around the world and available in other languages?

Marballi: I didn’t have a clue. But God knew. And that’s what makes serving God such an adventure. We never know from one day to the next where He will take us on our journey. What story will He write through us? What work will He establish through us? We don’t even know if we will see fruit.

AOB: So we simply trust?

Marballi: Yes, we trust in our omnipresent, omniscient God; we trust in our benevolent Father; we trust in the unfailing power of His Holy Spirit.

AOB: And we join the children in prayer.

Marballi: Yes!