Do I Want Some Cha? I’d be Charmed!


ChaWhat would the world be without tea? And what would Bangladesh be without a steaming cup of cha with a friend?

In Bangladesh, whenever a friend comes to visit us, we enjoy a cup together. Whenever a colleague wants to discuss business concerns, we boil up sweetened milk-tea. When the morning work is wearing us down, a cup of cha re-energizes us all and we return to our work with a smile and a spring in our step. With a steaming cup of cha, the discussions always go better. The friendships deepen. 

You may love a hot cup of coffee, but tea is the most popular beverage in the world, after plain water. And here in Bangladesh, tea is essential to life.

For a history of tea on our sub-continent, and a simple recipe check this:

Brew some up for your friends and yourself today.