Did We Say this Right?


Tribals listening to storyOne aspect of AOB’s Cultural Research program is translating valuable materials into the mother-tongues of various groups of the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Village testing is an important part of the process.

What is village testing, you ask? Good question! We’re actually not giving the village a test; we’re testing our translated, written story!

Village testing is one step in the process of translation. Our three national translators have already translated books into their own languages, but they must insure that their work is understandable. So the translators visit various villages where their people live, and they read selected passages to them, following up the reading with questions about the material. They aren’t testing the villagers; rather the villagers are helping us evaluate the translation.

In preparation for each testing, the translators decide on the passages they think might not be clear. After choosing a passage they carefully craft questions in order to gain the most useful information. If there are unclear words in a passage, they want to discover other clearer words in the language.

Did we say it right? Our translation teams are doing their best to do just that!

-submitted by Kathleen Long, Cultural Research