Watch the Warriors. Watch AOB.


In an article in Sports Illustrated (“Going with the Flow”), journalist Lee Jenkins marveled at the Golden State team, the Warriors. Other teams are desperate to win, but the Warriors just like to play. The team has joy on the court that’s producing positive results. Coach and teammates cooperate and respect each other’s skills.

Their coach encourages them to play with “space and freedom.” The assistant coach says he initially “walked into the arena thinking, I can’t mess this up, and when you do that you’re not in the moment. You’re not enjoying it. Relax.” Small forward Iguodala explains it, “Our team has a flow, with a cadence, a rhythm, a boom, boom, boom. We understand.”

Blowing Bubbles

Is it a culture? Is it just fun? Says one coach, “We’re a space where plants that were potted can grow.” And a visiting scout scratches his head. “I don’t see how anybody beats them.”

So what does that have to do with AOB Bangladesh, you ask? Few of us play basketball. Frankly, it’s amazing I even picked up that Sports Illustrated magazine.

Even so, I read the article and thought, This is it. This is what I’m seeing right here, all around me. I may not yet understand the “boom, boom, boom”, but I see joy, I hear respect, I feel the rhythm. And yes, we’re growing in our space.

Seems God has planted each of us here in Bangladesh, and He plans unity and cooperation. So the audio-visual men sip cha with our hospital’s social workers and discover topics for new health films. Our medical team thanks Literature Division for new health books. Heart House Handicrafts sews up cute baby outfits and blankets for MCH’s new mothers. Our expatriate children dance for a non-formal education class. And our nurses hug patients and fellow nurses alike.

Encouraging a Patient


During tea-times, prayer meetings, or at a potluck meal together we hear stories of God’s provision and protection and healing. We grin, pat backs, and cheer. We have freedom to suggest new projects as we see needs. Teammates join in the planning and production. Sure we have to remind ourselves to relax at times, to go with the flow.


It’s like God is our Coach. He’s the Victor, yet it seems He nods toward us and says, “Nice win.” We’re scratching our heads like that visiting scout did. We don’t see how anybody can beat Him.