Unless the Lord Builds the House...


MCHRP SignUnless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.

We arrived in-country about 15 months ago, in the early phases of an exciting time - the construction of a huge new hospital right next to the current one. The current hospital is old, and it shows its age. We frequently run out of beds and can't admit more patients even though they keep coming. Turning people away at the door who legitimately need care... whom you know you can help... that has been one of the hardest parts of working here, by far.

It's not our job to heal all of Bangladesh. We know that. But sometimes we wish we could help a little bit more than we can. And someday, when the new hospital is done, hopefully we will be able to.



Bare BuildingAnyway, back to October 2014:

The hospital's cement wasn't finished yet...

The brick-work was nowhere near completion...

It looked like a construction site.

We were given a more complete tour of the site a few months later by the project managers.
Much more of the structure was complete. It had pretty much doubled in size. But on the inside...
Still empty (see Picture 1).

They had put down one-brick-high outlines of where all the walls were going to be, but it was still really hard to visualize what it would become.

Fast-forward a year and the change is impressive. We got a tour again from the man who has taken over the baton overseeing construction on-site from the previous couple.

The structural cement-work is done. The brick-work is mostly done. Most of the walls have plaster on them. It doesn't have its windows and doors, yet, but those are coming soon. (1002 windows, and 571 doors, to be exact!) It looks like a hospital! An incomplete one, but it's starting to be real!

  • Private rooms!
  • Big Operating Rooms! (and more of them!)
  • An Intensive Care Unit!
  • Inside waiting areas for people who want to see a doctor!
  • More in-patient beds!
MCH Renewal Project
Incomplete Floor  Entering Outpatient Department
 Inside is still empty Walking through Outpatient Waiting area 
 Exterior brickwork is almost done  Upstairs to see the wards
 Exterior brickwork is almost done  Upstairs to see the wards
 Wall plaster is complete  
 Wall plaster is complete  


There's still a long way to go - wiring, plumbing, lots and lots of finishing... So it's still at least a couple of years from being open (and there is still a lot of funding lacking!). This tour was a good pick-me-up, reminding how slowly and steadily... how faithfully this project has continued. One brick at a time.

Unless the Lord builds the house,
the builders labor in vain.
Unless the Lord watches over the city,
the guards stand watch in vain.
m 127:1

-Submitted by Jonathan Egle (February 2016)