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University students fired questions at us: How’d you hear about this place? What led you to come? Exactly what do you do? What do you envision accomplishing through your project? What are the challenges you face? These are questions that everyone asks.

Volunteer TeachingIn response, Bob tells about growing up here and then bringing his future wife to see it all. Mary reminisces about volunteering at Memorial Christian Hospital and wanting every nursing friend to hear about it. Harold describes his short-term experience teaching in Chittagong; he snagged his future wife by telling her about the amazing field trips he took his students on. Rachel and Megan remember their eye-opening visits. Lynn laughs as she recalls it, “I woke up suddenly, thinking, I could do it! I could meet that need!”

Volunteer with ChildrenThe university students had come to see it all - to volunteer their strength and skills - to learn about the culture, the language, and the opportunities. Now they want to hear our stories. Next they want to tell all their friends back home.

We’re looking for volunteers. Happy volunteers thrive in their experiences, and then they tell others. Future volunteers come because they’ve seen our current volunteers’ pictures - heard their stories - read their posts - imagined their place in it all.

Village VisitWe realize that our best advertisement is satisfied, enthused volunteers. Among their network of friends and family members, they are a trusted source of accurate information.

So come for a visit. You’ll want to tell all about it. You may even want to come back!