Learn to Read. We can Help.


You need to read to communicate, to follow directions, to take proper medication, and to work. Yet Bangladesh has 48 million people who cannot yet do that. Across the world one in seven adults cannot read. More than 250 million children of school age cannot read. Almost 57 million children are not enrolled in school. The statistics are grim.

So what are we going to do about it? AOB Bangladesh sees the need.

Children ReadingFirst we reach out to meet the need through our educational programs:

  • Child sponsorships through AMG enable children to attend school.
  • Our non-formal education program, called Light of Learning, has 13 centers (as of July, 2016) reaching 500 poor children whose families cannot afford to send them to school.
  • We run a formal education program as well, at Memorial Christian School, located near our hospital; around 900 students from kindergarten through class 10 excel in their studies there. Our school has a library, and our teachers whet the students’ appetites by reading to them.



Literacy ReadersSpeaking of books, AOB’s Literature Division offers literacy primers- leveled reading books- for all ages:

  • Porte Sikkhun, which means “Learn to Read”, is a best-selling series of primers. Just this year, 5000+ books have been bought and read with significant results.
  • And speaking of our literacy books, foreign students who are learning Bangla grab up Porte Sikkhun, too. They love the simply organized format and enjoy learning the Bangla script in such a non-threatening way. They, too, are learning to read.
  • And then, once a student - child or adult, Bengali or foreign- can read, we have a wealth of great books for them to pick up.

You’ve read this whole article! You can read. Smile big. Now you, too, can help others. Click on www.aobbangladesh.org/partner to partner with us in passing on this essential skill. We wouldn’t want to live life without it.