Medical Care Training


Medical CareThe twenty-four health college students have reached a milestone! They have reached the time when they can begin putting their newly gained knowledge and skills to use in the hospital. This is the time they are trying to recall what they are learning in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, pharmacology, and fundamentals of nursing. Now, they are beginning new classes in medical-surgical care and community health. A mainstay and support to this program is the English class, especially since the student text material is in English.

This is the time that the skills they practiced in the clinical lab are to be put into practice. Of course, this can only happen with instructors committed to diligently supervising their procedures! Even with lots of encouragement and practice, the first time a student approaches a patient with an injection, it is easy for the voice to shake and the hands to tremble. To everything, there is a first time! The first time a large wound or major bleeding is seen, it is easy to get a bit lightheaded or feel faint. Instructors are nearby to encourage the student that this does not mean their health care career is at an end. It simply means they are a normal, sensitive person who can empathize with patients!

Medical TrainingFinally, this is a time when students more fully appreciate the great responsibilities they will have. Since they wear uniforms and are giving care, patients will already look to them for help, answers, and comfort. Students have an opportunity to demonstrate teachings that all people are valuable in the eyes of the Creator. All deserve respect. All deserve the best care.

Of course, the instructors know that students do their best when they can focus on their training, not on other concerns. MCCHS is thankful that several gifts have made it possible to help some needy students with a portion of their fees. (Everyone pays something!) We are also grateful for some gifts of teaching mannequins and a new skeleton. Using these state-of-the art mannequins makes it possible for students to approach an actual patience with some real experience and confidence. Gifts are always needed for students or supplies. If you would like to make a gift… click here.